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This is the only burger trailer of it’s kind. If you’re looking to give your customers a great visual experience with top grade gourmet burgers then this is the unit for your event. The GRAND BURGER only offers the highest quality ingredients for all of its burgers. All of our 1/2lb patties are made from black Angus topped with freshly prepared produce. If your customers are feeling up for a challenge we offer the monstrous Double GRAND, which they can build anyway they like and comes with over 1 full pound of Black Angus beef. Each burger is topped with either: a corn dusted Kaiser or a fresh Brioche bun, a pickle spear on the side, fresh avocado, roasted jalapeños, applewood smoked bacon and panko crusted onion rings. This trailer is known for having the best burgers at ALL of its events.


  • Length 21’-40’
  • 30’ (top of flags)
  • Depth 10-20’

Find us at:

  1. Long Beach GRAND PRIX
  2. Fontana CA NASCAR
  3. Sonoma NHRA
  4. Alameda County Fair
  6. YOLO County Fair
  7. LA County Fair
  8. Cal Jam
  9. Knott Fest
  10. iHeart Music Festival
  11. Route 91


This is one the largest most capable trailers in the entire county and the biggest out of our entire fleet. There is no event or amount of customers this unit can not handle. If you’re looking for the ultimate show stopper, that has great visual appeal with huge volume capability, this is the trailer for your event.


  • Length 28-60’
  • Height 30’ (top of flags)
  • Depth 10-25’ (depending on space)

Find us at:

  1. Long Beach GRAND PRIX
  2. Las Vegas NASCAR
  3. Sonoma NASCAR
  4. OC Fair (Costa Mesa)
  5. Stagecoach Coachella
  6. The Big Fresno Fair
  7. Kern County Fair
  8. NHRA Championships LA County Fair
  9. Cal Jam
  10. Knot Fest
  11. Route 91


As you may have guessed this is the smallest of all the trailers in our fleet. But as your mother may have told you “don’t judge a book by its cover.” All of our units are very capable of handling large crowds and this trailer is no exception. As you look at some of the notable events this unit has on its schedule you can get an idea that it hangs out with the big guys as well. The great thing about this trailer is it offers us the potential to fit into smaller locations. If you have a great piece of real estate but just can’t fit one of our larger units this is a great option without sacrificing any quality or capability.


  • Length 21’-35’
  • 30’ (top of flags)
  • Depth 10-20’

Find us at:

  1. Chandler AZ NHRA
  2. NASCAR PHX (Winter)
  3. Pima County Fair
  4. Dixon May Fair
  5. Sonoma NASCAR
  6. Antelope Valley Fair
  7. Utah State Fair
  8. iHeart Music Festival
  9. AZ State Fair
  10. NASCAR PHX (Fall)
  11. EDC Vegas (Electric Daisy Festival)


This unit offers great presence with high volume capability in a slightly smaller footprint. It is commonly referred to as “Weenie’s little brother”. There are not many events that can push this unit to the limit so no need to worry about it’s capability.


  • Length 28’-40’
  • 30’ (top of flags)
  • Depth 10-20

Find us at:

  1. Long Beach GRAND PRIX
  2. Chandler AZ NHRA
  3. Las Vegas NASCAR
  4. Fontana NASCAR
  5. Pima County Fair (Tucson)
  6. Las Vegas NHRA
  7. San Diego County Fair (Del Mar)
  8. Sonoma NASCAR
  10. Utah State Fair
  11. iHeart Music Festival
  12. AZ State Fair

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